Program Selection Considerations

Community / Recipient considerations

1. Ground level need. Is there a real ground level need/problem which needs assisting as identified by the local community or those involved with it . Is there clear local agreement regarding the need

4. Partnership: Will the local counterpart benefit and wish an involved, working partnership with Rose Charities NY with mutual understanding that the health of both ends of the relationship (donor and recipient) are equally vital for the wellbeing of the intitiative

3. Ownership: Is or will the program be owned / administered by the local community or counterpart .

2. Leadership. Is there a (local or other) motivated and involved leader who has a stake in the program

5. Funding. Vital but last of the list . Just throwing funds at any problem without the other elements in place simply causes more and often more complex problems. Funding needs to be carefully planned, channeled, and monitored for efficiency

Home support committee considerations

1.Sustainability: Is there a motivated committee member(s) who has a strong stake in the programs success and wish to maintain it long term (2 or more years). Note. Enthusiasm is easy, long term sustainability can be a challenge.

2. Funding. Is there a source of funding which will be maintained for the duration of Rose Charities USA involvement or is likely to be renewed. Note. Rose Charities NY is not in itself a funding nor grant allocating organization. Any program joining program must have its funding mechanisms are core funds established

3. Is there a proper mechanism of feedback, financial reporting and accountability

3. Does the program fit with the goals, aims and aspirations of Rose Charities USA, including it non-sectarian, non-political, non-agenda’s assistance mandate.

4. Does the board feel motivated to work with this program

Program selection process

Provided the above criteria are met any progam may be considered in whole or part for a Rose Charities NY supported program. A clear quorum majority of the board will be needed to approve and a probation/assessment period of anything up to a year requested in order to ascertain that reporting, home fund-raising etc will be sufficient/acceptable. Experience ha shown that on many occasions great enthusiasm may be present at the beginning but then collapses in the hard grind of sustained program support.

Advantages of program inclusion in Rose Charities USA.

  1. Tax receipts on donations. Rose Charities NY Inc is a 501(c)3 registered charity and hence is authorized to give tax receipts for USA taxpayers to offset parts of donations
  2. The program will be part of a worldwide network of programs from the entire Rose Charities International family
  3. The program will be promoted both for profile and donations in the Rose Charities USA website and various Rose Charities social media outlets
  4. The program will have access to considerable experience of many long term, academic, professional etc members of both Rose Charities USAnd other organization members