Rose USA Pending programs

Women’s Mental Health in Afghanistan The quality of life for women in Afghanistan has deteriorated to a point that many feel they have no hope. Support for Mental Health is one of the few interventions allowed by the current regime. Gatherings for group support are one of the few opportunities for women to leave their homes and talk freely, seek comfort and support for the burden of their situation. It is a tiny glimmer of hope for many during a very dark time. Due to our past work in Kabul we have team there who are conducting these sessions for local women and we are aiming to support them as much as possible so they can continue.

Stand Tall Education School Bakery in Uganda A Ugandan school in Kampala has a brand new bakery thanks to a donation through Rose Charities NY. Here the children learn cooking and baking skills. They also sell their produce, learning how to run a small business and one day be able to earn a living from their breads, cakes and cookies.