Rose Charities NY, USA Re-launches October 2023

Rose Charities NY, Inc founded in 2005 was re-launched on 19th October 2023.

Fund-raising and activities had diminished during the pandemic. Prior to that however Rose Charities NY annual Street Hockey Tournament had been a highlight, raising funds to support Physical Therapy in Cambodia and other projects

Image above: Josephine Defreitas (President), Noot Seear (Director), Dr Wais Aria (Hon Sec)

Meeting held in Jin Fong Restaurant Thurs 19th October 2023.

Our focus will be on Health, Education and the Environment with Women’s Health a particular emphasis. We plan to support a Women’s Mental health Project in Afghanistan and a Womens’ Health Clinic in rural Ethiopia

Little Chefs in Uganda

In 2022 Stand Tall Elementary in Uganda built a bakery on its campus. We were able to realize a long held dream of equipping the learners with a marketable skill that could help supplement their family income. All the learners at Stand Tall get weekly lessons in baking, nutrition, and marketing. They learn to make a range of products that are then sold within the school and to the larger community. The building of a bakery was made possible by a generous donation through Rose USA and it’s positive impact will be felt for many years to come.