Rose Charities NY, Inc was registered as a 501(c)3 Charity on the 15 July 2005

The early goal of the charity was to raise money for natural disasters, in particular the 2004 tsunami. Rose Charities NY, conducted several fund raising events over the next 3 years including the “Tsunami Shock: an Exhibition of Children’s Drawings, Photo Relief Art Auction and two Bebare Fashion Shows. In 2006 the fund-raising focus shifted to an Annual Street Hockey Tournament which ran for many years, stopping only with the 2020 pandemic.

International Rose Charities Network There is an informal network of organizations that operate under the name “Rose Charities” These include, Rose Charities Canada and Rose Charities Malaysia Rose Charities Sri Lanka and similar organizations in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, UK Nepal. Rose Charities NY has participated in international Rose conferences and collaborated on projects.